Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Psalm 119:25 - 80

Study 96 – Psalm 119:25-48

1.      The world is full of distractions to God’s Word. The psalmist calls these “worthless things.” It is always the worthless things that keep us from studying the Word of God. God’s Word helps us distinguish the honorable from the worthless and gives us the tools necessary to fight temptation when it arises in our lives.

2.      We need to pray for a proper understanding for God’s Word, a desire to feast on God’s Word, and for liberation from those ‘worthless things’ that will distract us from spending time in His Word.

Study 97 – Psalm 119:49-80

1.      Suffering has turned the psalmist toward the Law of God and he has found comfort and deliverance in the obedience of its precepts. The Lord allows us to suffer and brings judgment upon us in order to turn us to himself. He does this so that He will receive worship both from us and from those that see the blessing of God upon our lives when we are in right standing with Him.

2.      When we reflect on the ways that God has moved in our lives in the past we are using those times as stepping stones toward a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Him. Reflection upon His past deliverance, forgiveness, and times of judgment serve as guides for us in our worship of Him. They should also deepen our resolve to follow His decrees.

3.      Those that love the Lord keep His commandments!

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