Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Psalm 110 - 112

Study 89 – Psalm 110

1.      The new King Solomon will have a reign of peace yet one in which he will have an army standing at the ready to do battle on his behalf. Jesus came to be the Prince of Peace in much the same way that Solomon was the King in a time of peace. It was at the resurrection that the Father accomplished peace on behalf of His Son. When the body of Jesus was at rest the power of God was at work!

2.      We can be assured from the multiple repetition of this verse in the New Testament that the Lord wages battle on behalf of His saints!

3.      The King of Kings would not have a line of succession. There will be none to come after Him!

Study 90 – Psalm 111 and 112

1.      When you begin to examine the ways in which God blesses you it is impossible to not have a response of praise as a direct result.

2.      Those that want to please God will have a fear of the Lord that will cause them to walk in accordance with His commands. They will give generously and will lend freely. They will also conduct their affairs in a just manner. Such a man can expect the blessings of God upon himself and his family. God will intervene on behalf of the righteous!

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