Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 Chronicles 28

Study 13 – 1 Chronicles 28

  1. My plan was to be a missionary in Africa forever. The Lord had other ideas. That was a very tough pill for me to swallow. There are times when you have to lay the groundwork and let someone else come in and build the structure. The glory does not come in what part of the structure that you build, the glory comes in being used by the Lord in whatever capacity that He desires whether that be the foundation below the surface that holds everything up and no one ever sees or the pinnacle of the edifice that can be seen everywhere from the surrounding countryside.

    David had laid the groundwork. Solomon was to take it to the next level. Had David thought that he had to build the temple he would have rushed the groundwork and the Temple would never have been as glorious as what Solomon was able to accomplish.

  2. Solomon’s first duty was obedience to the Lord and His commands. He was to search the will of God with all of his heart. His second obligation was to do the work without fear. The Lord was not to be messed with! IF you seek Him then he’ll be there for you, if you don’t prepare to be left in the dust! Solomon was able to have confidence in a couple of areas: first, the Lord had chosen him to build the Temple; secondly, the Lord would provide him with the laborers and the leaders necessary to get the task done. Solomon merely needed to obey the Lord.

As a leader my obligation is to the Lord and the Lord alone. He will bring the willing people across my path and He will help me accomplish His work. There need be no manipulation on my part in order to line up the people that I need in my corner. God will take care of that. The only one that I must make sure is in my corner is the Lord!

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