Thursday, February 9, 2012

1 Chronicles 17 - 20

Study 7 – 1 Chronicles 17

  1. Even though David was the most powerful man in the nation of Israel he still understood his need to receive a Word from the Lord. David understood his role in the Kingdom of God and understood his need to be in submissive to God’s Word and realize that it is very easy to confuse God’s Word with one’s own desires. Therefore, he allowed Nathan to speak into His life.

  2. God let David know that He was more than satisfied with a tent. God isn’t impressed by Cedar logs and gold. The Lord also wanted to make clear that His presence could not be confined. The tent made it obvious that the presence of God could easily be moved from one location to another. A temple had the negative impact of believing that one could confine God’s presence and thereby insist that His presence never leave.

    God turned the request around and demonstrated His tremendous grace by claiming that instead of David building a great house for His presence, that God would build David into a great house (dynasty) from which His presence would come – the Christ! David was blown away and makes that clear in his worshipful prayer of 1 Chronicles 17:16-27.

Study 8 – 1 Chronicles 18 – 20

  1. David did “what was just and right” in the eyes of the Lord on behalf of his people Israel. As a result of the way in which David governed Israel the Lord ensured that he would have victory in battle. We can have the same assurance as well if we obey His Word.

  2. The misunderstanding between the Ammonites and Israel led to massive destruction. When seeking counsel from others we need to be very careful to find out all sides of the story. Rash actions are rarely good ones.

  3. Joab was a relentless warrior on David’s behalf and pressed the battle until the very end. Joab was extremely loyal to David. However, upon the death of David, Joab aligned against Solomon, David’s son and was killed in the temple court for his treasonous act.

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