Friday, February 3, 2012

James 5

Study 7 – James 5

  1. Being rich isn’t the problem. The way one obtains their wealth and the way one uses that wealth are what determines whether or not riches will begin to rot. Our wealth should be used for the advancement of the Kingdom of God rather than for the advancement of our own agendas. When we learn to control our agendas and our desires and have a willingness like Abraham to give up everything; a willingness like Rahab to lay our own lives on the line; and a willingness like Job to never give up no matter how difficult the times may become then we become candidates for the fullness of God’s compassion and mercy.

  2. The greatest thing we can do to help others is to not keep them in the dark as to what is happening in our lives. If God is blessing us, then we need to sing for joy so that others will know of His blessings. If we are in trouble or are sick then we need to let others know so that God can use their faith and their gifts to minister to our need.

    Prayer has the power to do what no man can do, but only if we don’t ask in a double-minded way. We must have faith like Abraham and Rahab who were willing to lay everything on the line. It is prayers from the likes of Abraham and Rahab that move heaven and earth.

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