Monday, January 16, 2012

Haggai 2

Study 2 – Haggai 2

  1. The Lord promises to “shake things up.” It is as if the Lord grabs a hold of a fruit tree and shakes it until all of the choice fruit falls to the ground. The Lord promises to harvest the very best for His house. He also promises to take a defiled people that have done nothing to deserve blessing and to open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessing upon them as they turn their attention toward the reconstruction of His temple.

  2. A modern day way of rephrasing Haggai’s words in this section would be to say that a person wearing clean clothes cannot rub shoulders with someone covered with mud and expect the person covered with mud to become clean. The opposite will happen. The clean person will become dirty. A little ‘holiness’ will not make everything o.k. Yet, a little sin will corrupt the entire being.

  3. The Lord elevates who He wants to elevate and He brings low who He wants to bring low. Worship of Him is central to being on the right side of that equation!

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