Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nehemiah 11 - 13

Study 12 – Nehemiah 11

  1. The city of Jerusalem was settled by leaders of the people that volunteered to live there as well as through the casting of lots. One out of every 10 people from Benjamin and Judah were chosen in this way to resettle in Jerusalem while the others remained in the surrounding villages. Those that volunteered to settle in Jerusalem were commended by all of the people.

  2. The resettlement of Jerusalem required a variety of different types of people with those that took part in Temple worship receiving special mention. For the body of Christ to function in the way that the Lord intends it to function; it is necessary for everyone to do their part. There is no ‘spiritual’ and no ‘mundane’ in Kingdom service. We truly need each other and every gift and service that one another has to offer.

Study 13 – Nehemiah 12

  1. Nehemiah had come a long way since he first appeared downcast before the King! The celebration at the dedications of the wall and the Temple must have truly been amazing. This is a reminder that the great celebrations and accomplishments in life start out with solitary decisions that are often accompanied by great internal anguish. It is through faithfulness in the moments of solitude that we gain the right to public victories.

  2. Judah needed both spiritual and administrative leadership. The same is true of the church today. A strong preaching and teaching ministry will not be effective without strong administrative leadership. More often than not these gifts will need to come from different people. The pastor that is a gifted administrator may need to have a greater variety of guest speakers and special meetings with outside speakers whereas the pastor with a gifted pulpit ministry will need administrators to come alongside of him to help steer the ship.

Study 14 – Nehemiah 13

  1. In Nehemiah’s absence things began to rapidly disintegrate. A foreigner had taken up residence in the Temple. The people had began to engage in commerce on the Sabbath. The Levites were no longer receiving their proper portion. The tithe was no longer being gathered with the consistency that is deserved. Intermarriage with foreigners had resumed all over again to the point where the grandsons of the high priest was married to the daughter of Sanballat the Horonite that had tried to stop the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem!  When Nehemiah’s away the people of Judah will play! You can never be lax in leadership because the enemy will always try to get the people to revert to the ways of the flesh.

  2. We must constantly be on our guard against the ways of the enemy. Even in the midst of revival and times of tremendous celebration the enemy is still at work. As soon as the music dies down we will be quick to revert to our old ways if we do not remain extremely diligent.

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