Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nehemiah 6 and 7

Study 6 – Nehemiah 6

  1. Nehemiah recognized that the enemy was always ready to set a trap for him. Far too often we walk blindly through life forgetting just how cunning the enemy is. We expect his attacks to be obvious when most often they are extremely subtle. We must be on our guard against those subtle attacks!

  2. They threatened Nehemiah by telling false things about him. In other words they threatened to attack his reputation. Nehemiah wasn’t concerned about his reputation – he was concerned about the reputation of the Lord!

Study 7 – Nehemiah 7

  1. Nehemiah established hours for opening and closing the gates, as well as set leadership in place in Jerusalem, and the posting of 24-hour guards. Hananiah was chosen because of his integrity and the fact that he ‘feared God more than most men do.’

  2. The list provides us with a knowledge that those that returned initially from exile represented a wide variety of people, places, professions, and positions. It takes all types of people to build the Kingdom of God. We truly need each other!

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