Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colossians -- Continued

Study 4 – Colossians 2:8-23

1.      False teaching depends both hollow and deceptive and depends upon human tradition and worldly principles rather than upon the teaching of Christ. Jesus provides for a circumcision of our hearts rather than our flesh, the death of the old life, a new birth, the cancellation of a written code, and the forgiveness of our sin!

2.      Paul points out that all of the rules, regulations, and even the angels were merely shadows or entities that pointed to Christ. Christ does away with the need of such things for the purpose that they once served. There is no need to serve the shadow when you can gaze upon the reality!

3.      Christians were circumcised in the cutting away of their sinful nature at the hands of God rather than the removal of their foreskin at the hand of a priest with a flint knife. The impact of the cross, not the knife, marks the beginning of a Christians acceptance into the community of believers.

Study 5 – Colossians 3:1-17

1.  and  2. Based on what Jesus has done for us there are some things that are required!

1.      Set your hearts on things above
2.      Set your minds on things above
3.      Put to death whatever belongs to your earthly nature
a.       Sexual immorality
b.      Impurity
c.       Lust
d.      Evil desires
e.       Greed
f.       Idolatry
g.      Anger
h.      Rage
i.        Malice
j.        Slander
k.      Filthy language
l.        Lies
a.       Compassion
b.      Kindness
c.       Humility
d.      Gentleness
e.       Patience
5.      Bear with one another
6.      Forgive one another
7.      Love one another
8.      Let peace be the rule of your life
9.      Be thankful
10.  Be a student of God's Word
11.  Teach and admonish others
12. Be a worshipper

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