Monday, November 28, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Ezekiel

Study 31 – Ezekiel 42:1-43:12

  1. There was an emphasis on the holiness of God  and the separation of the holy from the profane in the temple worship system. Only the priests could enter the Lord’s presence. Even the clothes that he wore in the presence of the Lord were to be removed.

  2. The death of Christ on the cross removed this barrier as our great high priest became our ‘once and for all’ sacrifice for sin. The cross removed the barriers that separate us from the presence of a holy God.

Study 32 – Ezekiel 43:13-44:31

  1. Before the altar could be used for the sacrifices of the people the altar had to be cleansed so that the priests could offer a sacrifice for their own sins before offering one for the sins of their people.

  2. There are long lasting consequences to sin even in the midst of reconciliation. Israel was allowed to return, but certain people only returned in a ‘limited sense’ while others were able to experience all of the blessings of God. Sin has consequences!

Study 33 – Ezekiel 45 and 46

  1. One cannot be a follower of Jehovah without being concerned about the injustices in our world. To turn one’s back on oppression is to turn one’s back toward the Lord. Honesty in advertising and concern for the poor among us are concerns of the Lord as well.

  2. The purpose of sacrifice was to make atonement on behalf of the people of Israel. Without a sacrifice of atonement there is no way that we can approach the presence of the Lord. Christ provided the sacrifice that allows us access into the presence of the Father.

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