Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ezekiel 29 and 30

Study 20 – Ezekiel 29 and 30

  1. In the opening verses Pharaoh is described as a crocodile that dominates the waters of Egypt. The Lord tells him that he will be removed from the safety of the waters of Egypt and that all of those around him would cling to him in their worship of him and they too would be drug out upon the land where they would no longer be able to survive. This was to be fulfilled at the hands of the King of Babylon.  It was the arrogance of Pharaoh that was the principal cause of this judgment. The nation of Israel and the surrounding nations that depended upon the strength of this great nation would no longer come to it for help. The nation that they had trusted in was the reason for their demise.

  2. God uses the heathen nations as instruments to accomplish His will. He dispenses His mercy, grace, and judgment in a just way to all peoples. The requirement for all is the same whether they are of Israel or Babylon – acknowledgment of and obedience to – Him!

  3. Apart from the Lord we can do nothing! When we decide that our knowledge and the further pursuit of our own wisdom apart from obedience to God will win the day then we place ourselves in the position of Adam that went from being provided for by the Lord in Eden to needing to provide for himself. When we head down that path we are destined to produce more weeds than fruit from our labor.

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