Thursday, October 20, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Ezekiel

Study 7 – Ezekiel 11

1.      God lets the leaders left in Jerusalem know that they are not the choice meat at all, but are being saved for destruction.

2.      The purpose of those sent into exile was so that they would be preserved and return to rebuild the fallen nation.

3.      At the end of chapter 11 the chariot of the Glory of God returns to the mountain east of the city. It’s return is indicated after the exiles have determined to remove idolatry from the land.

Study 8 –
Ezekiel 12 and 13

1.      Jerusalem was under siege for over a year and endured severe famine while Zedekiah was king in Jerusalem. The wall was broken through and the entire army fled during the night.

2.      People of our day have the same attitude as the people of Jerusalem in the day of Ezekiel. They have heard their entire lives that the Lord is coming back at any moment. They have endured many false prophets who have written books saying that there are 88 reasons that the Lord will come back in 1988 and that the Lord was returning in the year 2000, or most recently the false prophet that said that Christ was returning a couple of months ago. Due to so many false prophecies people will not even listen to the prophetic Word of the Lord that warns us that Christ will indeed return in times that look much like those of today.

3.      The false prophets are described as jackals which are animals that prey among the ruins of the people and as whitewashing over broken walls. They give an appearance like everything is fine while at the same time taking advantage of the weakness that exists. As a result the people are living under false hopes and are certain to encounter the wrath of the Lord. The true prophets are told to prophesy against the false prophets of Judah.

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