Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Jeremiah

Study 32 – Jeremiah 49:1-33

1.      The Ammonites had committed genocide against the nation of Israel (Amos 1:13).   The Ammonites had placed their trust in their walls and in their riches. Her punishment was for her cities to become mounds of ruin. In other words, what she relied on would crumble in a heap.

2.      The judgment against Edom (the descendants of Esau) is so severe because God chose to use Jacob and Esau to demonstrate the complete disconnect that there exists between the righteous and the unrighteous. Esau sold his birthright! He does not belong. The write of Hebrews labels Esau as ‘godless’ Hebrews 12:16. Jacob on the other hand, who was not perfect, but named a deceiver, was extended grace. The Lord extends mercy and grace on whom He wills. To live outside of the grace and mercy of God is to be under His wrath with no hope of deliverance. It is only His mercy and grace that can deliver us and it is not of ourselves.

3.      The wrath of God is destined to come against all of those that oppose the people of God. While the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ lives in exile in the land at the moment. The day will come when we will enter into our eternal reward and the wrath of God will punish the nations that attempted to thwart the work of His kingdom.

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