Sunday, September 18, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Jeremiah

Study 20 – Jeremiah 30:1 – 31:26

1.      The Lord promises that their children will return to the land. This promise comes with the command to plant crops and rebuild so the promise is seen as something of permanence. He also promises the destruction of their enemies.

2.      Judah and Israel returned to the land and enjoyed an extended time of relative peace until 70 AD. Jerusalem became a central hub of activity in that part of the world and saw the building of the magnificent Temple built by King Herod.

3.      The death, burial and resurrection of Christ brings all that repent out of their exile in sin and into a place of spiritual life and prosperity. He takes us out of the darkness and into the light.

Study 21 – Jeremiah 31:27-40

1.      In spite of the fact that the people of God had continually broken their covenant with the Lord Almighty; He offers them the opportunity at another covenant that will be transmitted by the power of the Spirit rather than by Words carved on stone.

2.      This new covenant will be written on their minds and on their hearts. It will be a covenant that will extend to all people and will be one in which the Spirit of God will transmit the message directly into the hearts of man.

3.      God points to His omnipotence as a guarantee to uphold His end of the covenant. As surely as He cannot fail, neither can He fail to keep the New Covenant. The sun will always shine, the waves will always crash on the beach, the stars will always shine, and God will never fail!

Study 22 – Jeremiah 32 and 33

1.      Jeremiah immediately obeyed God’s command that he purchase his uncles property, but he also thought that it didn’t make since due to the fact that the Babylonians had already besieged the city of Jerusalem. After purchasing the property Jeremiah prayed that his investment would not be for naught. God responds by assuring Jeremiah that He will restore Judah and Israel and that once again Jerusalem would be a vibrant city to which the world would turn. The purchase of land under such circumstances was a step of faith on the part of Jeremiah. and a sign to all of those that witnessed the transaction of God’s promises.

2.      Jeremiah 33 promises that there will always be a King and a priest before God. This promise is fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah and our Great High Priest.

Study 23 – Jeremiah 34

1.      While Nebuchadnezzar truly did possess great military strength, that strength was nothing compared to the strength of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Ultimately, God was in control of both the fate of Judah and the fate of Babylon.

2. During the Year of Jubilee all slaves were to be set free. Apparently this command had been broken for some time. God was pleased that Zedekiah had repented of this sin by freeing the slaves, but his subsequent re-enslavement of these Hebrews was more than God could bear. God would have preferred that Zedekiah would have not repented at all than to have realized his error and to have jumped headlong back into it again.

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