Thursday, September 1, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Matthew 24:32 - 25:13

Study 38 – Matthew 24:32 – 25:13

  1. The return of the Lord is as certain as the changing of the season, the timing of His return is not as certain. No one knows, not even Christ, when that return will be. Our response, therefore, should not be to try to estimate the proximity of His return or to find indications of its approaching in the headlines of the CNN. The response of the Church should be one of being about the business of the Kingdom until His inevitable return occurs.

  2. We need to make sure that we are servants of Christ for the long haul. The wise Christian is the one that prepares himself for the immediate return of Christ, but will be ready if He does not return in their lifetime. We need to conduct the business of the Kingdom using the same wisdom.

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