Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Matthew

Study 42 – Matthew 26:30-56

  1. Jesus knew everything that was about to happen and was still willing to go through it if that was what the Father desired. We need to be like Christ when it comes to doing the will of God. It is important to note that Jesus didn’t particularly enjoy going through everything that was happening, but He was willing. That is what the Father asks of us as well. He doesn’t expect us to go through trials with a smile on our face as if nothing is wrong and everything is going along absolutely wonderful. What He does desire is that we have a willingness to endure hardship if it means that His perfect will may be accomplished as a result.

  2. I think that the greatest agony of Jesus was the realization that He would have to endure all of the hardship alone. The disciples were not going to be able to bring Him comfort – they were going to desert Him.

  3. The disciples had willing spirits, but weak flesh. Their weak flesh would be strengthened to match their strong spirits during the many years of persecution that lay ahead. One of the greatest verses in this passage is in Matthew 26:32 “But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.” He says this immediately after saying that they were all going to desert Him! He knew that they were going to fail Him, but He promised them that He would not fail them. Jesus promised that He would restore them in Galilee! What a wonderful savior!

Study 43 – Matthew 26:57-75

  1. Jesus answered the question that would get Him killed while Peter wrongly answered the question that would get him in hot water with the world. However, Peter was no Judas. Peter’s denial did not jeopardize the life of Christ – it jeopardized the eternal life of Peter.

  2. The trial of Jesus was a hoax and He knew it. He was not about to needlessly incriminate Himself, but neither was He going to perjure Himself. He was going to answer honestly no matter what kind of trouble it placed Him into, but He was not going to volunteer too much information either. Normally a defense attorney never wants his client to take the stand and testify on his own behalf. There was no such risk in Jesus representing Himself.

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