Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Jeremiah

Study 24 – Jeremiah 35

1.      Jeremiah invited the Recabites to drink wine which would be a violation of the oath that they had taken with their founder Jonadab.  When they refused to violate their oath Jeremiah was told to tell the nation of Israel that the Recabites were more careful about following the oath with Jonadab than the nations of Israel were with following the covenant they had with the Living God.

2.      As the preacher, I am well aware that very few pay attention to the Word of the Lord. Unfortunately, the need for endless repetition of God’s commands continues from Jeremiah’s day until now with very few people paying any attention to the Word of the Lord. Instead, each one continues to do what they see as right in their own eyes.

3.      The Recabites lived the lives of temporary residents. As Christians we should recognize the temporary nature of our stay on earth and not become so enveloped in the things of this world.

Study 26 – Jeremiah 36

1.      In Jeremiah 26, Jeremiah actually stood in the Temple courts to deliver the message rather than having Baruch read a dictated message. His message in Jeremiah 26 was immediately received with anger and a death threat while in Jeremiah 36 those that initially hear the message are cautious concerning what they have heard and instead of calling for the death of Jeremiah, they instruct Baruch to go and find Jeremiah and go into hiding with him. The outcome was similar in that the King rejected the message.

2.      It appears that the hearts of the officials had been softened by the previous words of Jeremiah and the enemies that they saw gathering at the gates. It appears they were hoping that the King would heed the words of the prophet Jeremiah. The King could have seen an end to the invasion of Babylon at that very moment had he listened to the words of Jeremiah. Instead he chose to burn the scroll of the prophet and sealed his own doom.

3.      The officials instructed Baruch and Jeremiah to hide themselves, but verse 26 reminds us that it was the Lord that hid them. When we hide ourselves in the Lord no one can ever find us, but when we hide ourselves in our own power, we will most assuredly be discovered.

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