Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Ezekiel

Study 4 – Ezekiel 6 and 7

1.      The Lord’s wrath is coming against Israel specifically because of the sin of idolatry. Israel had placed her faith and trust in other gods rather than the Lord. America and much of the American Church is guilty of exactly the same thing. We have openly rejected the God of the Bible in favor of doing what each one sees fit in his own eyes. We have fashioned a god of our own that has nothing at all in common with the God of scripture.

2.      Over and over in these chapters we are told that the coming judgment is deserved. It is the natural consequences of turning from the Almighty God to the gods of this world. Israel will soon see that what they have trusted in will have no power against the God that they have rejected.

3.      If we were treated every day as our sins deserve our next breathe would be our last! Yet, if we persist in our disobedience we will be judged with a vengeance.

4.      The love of money is the root of all types of evil. Our preoccupation with and never ending desire for more money leads us further into the grasp of the world and further away from the loving arms of God. If all things belong to Him, and they do, then our money is meant to be used to finance His kingdom – Not ours! When the use of the money that He passes through our hands becomes more about financing our own kingdoms than financing His then we invite the judgment of God upon our heads.

Study 5 – Ezekiel 8

1.      It is the very heart of the religious leadership of Jerusalem that is engaging in and promoting the idolatry of Judah. There was a secret society that looked much like a religious cult that was taking place under the very ‘roof’ of the Temple itself. Judah had become rotten from the core.

2.      The Lord had forsaken Judah because Judah had forsaken the Lord. By turning His back on Judah, the Lord was ultimately seeking their return to Him and their return to blessing in the land that He had given them.

Study 6 – Ezekiel 9 and 10

1.      God was going to allow a remnant to remain. Those that were in a state of repentance due to the disobedience of the house of Judah were to be marked on their foreheads. Only those people would be spared destruction. This was similar to the mark of blood upon the doorpost that spared the nation of Israel at the time of the passing of the angel of death over the land of Egypt prior to the Exodus.
2.  We are not told exactly what the burning coals were used for in this chapter, but it is quite clear from what has taken place up to this point that the coals were meant for the destruction of Judah. This is unlike the coals taken from the altar and placed upon the lips of the prophet Isaiah to purify Him for service.

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