Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lamentations 5

Study 5 – Lamentations 5

  1. The conditions in the land are to the point where the people can see no future at all, “. . . because of these things our eyes grow dim” – 5:17. It has been the discipline of the Lord that has brought the people of Judah to turn wholeheartedly to the Lord if He will take them back. Prior to being overthrown and sent into exile, Judah thought that it was invincible and that the Lord would never turn against them. By this point in Lamentations they had experienced the full wrath of the Lord. They have arrived at the point where they take the Lord seriously. Their problem is that they are no longer sure that God will take them back. If they truly understood the Lord they would know that He is always ready take back a repentant people.

  2. To prophecy coming disaster in the midst of prosperity and ease was why Jeremiah was not listened to. The fulfillment of that prophecy obviously would get the people of Judah to revisit everything that Jeremiah had previously said.

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