Sunday, October 23, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Ezekiel 16 and 17

Study 10 – Ezekiel 16

1.      God’s complaint against Jerusalem was that she had turned against Him and turned to foreign gods. He likened her abandonment to a wife that prostitutes herself with strangers with complete disregard toward her husband.

2.      God has no problem with treating us “as you deserve” 16:59!  Being true to His covenant not only requires Him to pour out blessing based on our obedience, but to pour out judgment when we disobey. This act of judgment, however, does not nullify the covenant. The judgment comes in order to bring us back into line with the covenant so that the provisions of its blessings may be enacted.

Study 11 – Ezekiel 17

1.      The Lord rebukes Judah of turning to Pharaoh for help rather than turning toward Him.
2.   One can refuse to cooperate with the will of God and can be disobedient to the point where He withholds His promises, but rest assured He will achieve His purposes and He will never give up no matter what.  The will of the Lord will be accomplished on the earth!

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