Monday, November 7, 2011

Search The Scriptures -- Psalm 78:1-39

Study 61 – Psalm 78:1-39

1.      The main purpose of the first eight verses is to call the people to pass on the blessings and the commands of God to the next generation. He does not want future generations to make the same mistakes of their forefathers. It is vital that we explain the teachings of God and the reason for our faith to our children. The next generation needs to have their own experience, but they need us to point them in the right direction. They have questions and we must provide them with sound biblical answers.

2.      God delivered the people from Egypt; He opened a way across the Red Sea; He led they by the miraculous presence of a cloud by day that lit the way by night; He opened up rocks to provide water for millions of people in the middle of a desert. Yet, the people demanded that the Lord provide meat because they were not happy with the manna from heaven. Because of their sin He destroyed a generation in the desert but was merciful and did not utterly wipe the nation from the pages of history.

All of our lives are like those of Israel. God blesses, but we are not satisfied and demand more. Praise be to the Lord that His mercy is as powerful today as it was in the days of the early history of Israel or none of us would live to see tomorrow. For that we all should give Him praise today!

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