Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Psalm 105

Study 82 – Psalm 105

1.      The hearers of this psalm are commanded to: give thanks, call on the name of the Lord, make the nations aware of what the Lord has done, sing, glory in His name, rejoice, look to the Lord, seek His face, and remember the wonders that he has done.

2.      Ultimately, God intervenes on behalf of His people so that He will receive glory. God desires, more than anything, to be glorified, therefore, we should never doubt His willingness to come to our aid if we in turn will be ready to give Him the glory.

3.   There was never a moment in this long rehashing of the history of Israel that God did not have His hand guiding the situation. Whether Israel was living in obedience or had turned their back on the Lord, God was always doing His part to keep them on the path that would bring them blessing and Him glory.

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