Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Psalm 90 - 96

Study 71 – Psalm 90

1.      Man’s days are numbered while the Lord cannot even begin to number His own! Man’s life is but a temporary and passing vapor in which there is little happiness apart from the presence of the Lord in that life. God is described as a righteous judge which will tolerate no disobedience on the part of His servants. The psalmist pleads with the Lord for wisdom to realize those things in life that are worth pursing based on the temporary nature of life and the fact that our lives belong to the Lord and to His service. It is only through obedient service to Him that we are able to lay up eternal treasures.

2.      In spite of the awesome might, power and righteousness of God there is still room for compassion. The grace of God is every bit as amazing and redeeming as His power can be destructive. God desires to bless His children, not to punish them. The punishment of His children is to bring about obedience in them which will lead to divine blessing in their lives.

Study 72 – Psalm 91

1.      The Psalmist paints a picture of the presence of God as a strong tower into which all can run and find refuge against any enemy no matter how powerful. The psalmist makes it clear that those that call upon the Lord will be delivered and are promised long life as well.

2.      In verses 14-16 there are promises of: rescue; protection; deliverance; a divine response; honor; longevity; and salvation. What was true in the day of the psalmist is no less a reality today. God is still at work fulfilling every single one of these promises each and every day on planet Earth!

Study 73 – Psalm 92 and 93

1.      The Lord will destroy all evil and will bless all righteousness. The justice of God is foremost in this chapter. “The Lord is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him.”

2.      Key to participating in the eternal blessings of God is obedience to His commands. The very word “righteous” indicates “right standing.” Failure to uphold His commands places us outside of the realm of His blessing.

3.      Not only does Psalm 93 describe the Lord as powerful; it also describes Him as Holy and Eternal.

Study 74 – Psalm 94

1.      The psalmist takes comfort in Divine Justice. “Judgment will again be founded on righteousness, and all the upright in heart will follow it.”

2.      God warns the wicked that their deeds do not go unnoticed. God is fully aware of their every act and every plan and will pay them back according to what they have done. The present suffering at the hands of evil doers will only further glorify the Lord when He brings judgment upon the wicked and blessings upon the righteous.

Study 75 – Psalm 95 and 96

1.      There is no equal to the Lord. He is the creator of all things therefore every living things must give Him praise. The heavens, the earth, the trees, and the sea are not exempt from offering Him praise and neither is mankind. Our worship of Him should be new and fresh each and every day as fresh and new as the breathe that we take each day.

2.      In Psalm 95 we are warned against hardening our hearts. Too often we focus on those things that mankind has created and deemed as important and not upon the creator. When we do this as they did in the wilderness by focusing on life in Egypt rather than on life with the Lord, we are at great risk of abandoning the blessings of God for worthless idols.

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