Monday, January 9, 2012

Psalm 102 - 104

Study 79 – Psalm 102

1.      In times of trouble we need to turn to the Lord and realize that though our present trouble may well a result of the judgment of God; His compassion and power to deliver and restore have not been diminished.

2.      A dramatic shift takes place between verse 11 and verse 12 because the focus is no longer on the one suffering. The attention has shifted to the One with the power to deliver. When we focus on self we become even more miserable. When we focus on the Almighty God everything changes!

Study 80 – Psalm 103

1.      The blessings of God:
a. Forgiveness of sin
b. Healing
c. Redemption from certain destruction
d. Love and compassion
e. Righteousness and Justice
f. Grace
g. Mercy

2.      God’s love is unfailing, knows no limits, and never ends! It is demonstrated through the acts of forgiveness, redemption, mercy, and grace. We are not treated as we deserve to be treated by a Holy God. Instead, we are recipients of mercy, grace, compassion, and love. As a result we must arouse our soul and command it to Praise The Lord!

Study 81 – Psalm 104

1.      Without the provision of food and breathe the created could not survive. In this psalm God is both creator and sustainer of His creation. Reading this psalm demands praise from every created thing!

2.      Every true Christian will share the resolve of the psalmist in verses 31-35. How could you do otherwise?

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