Monday, February 6, 2012

1 Chronicles 12 - 16:6

Study 3 – 1 Chronicles 12

  1. The Benjamites: skilled with the bow and sling
    The Gadites: skilled with shield and spear as well as ability to run
    The  men of Judah: shield and spear
    The men of Levi: leaders and officers
    The men of Ephraim: Famous for bravery
    The men of Manasseh: provided aid against raiding bands
    The men of Issachar: Visionaries that understood the times and what needed done.
    The men of Zebulun: experienced with every type of weapon
    The men of Naphtali: shields and spears
    The men of Dan: ready for battle
    The men of Asher: men of experience
    The men of Reuben, Gad: brought every type of weapon

    Each one of these tribes brought their own unique set of gifts to the battlefield. What one tribe lacked in strength or knowledge was made up by those of another tribe. The body of Christ functions in the same way. The fact that all of these men volunteered and were dependent upon others for their own lack of gifts in certain areas made them into a strong army.

  2. The characteristics that stand out to me among these lists are: leadership, bravery, and the ability to understand the times. Unfortunately, I find these gifts lacking in the Church of America today. I am thankful that they are present among many here at The StoreHouse, but we need more brave people that can understand the times that we are in and will take on the mantel of leadership in order to accomplish the mission.

Study 4 – 1 Chronicles 13 and 14

  1. The king and all involved were guilty. Especially the Levites for not following through on God’s instructions to shoulder the Ark while transporting it. God requires us to shoulder the responsibility of obedience. We can’t just worship any way that we want to. True worship is worship that follows the commands of God whether they are to our liking or not.

  2. David inquired of God before going into battle and didn’t presume victory on his own. He was also careful to burn the idols left behind by the retreating Philistines rather than run the risk that Israel would adopt them as their own.

Study 5 – 1 Chronicles 15:1-16:6

  1. This time David made sure that the Levites directed the return of the Ark of the Covenant and he placed the blame of the former disaster squarely on their shoulders because it was, after all, their responsibility to see to the transport of the Ark.

  2. The Ark stood for the very presence and blessing of God upon His people. David was overjoyed that the presence of God would now dwell in the center of his kingdom and he anticipated all of the blessings of God that would come with it. He also realized that he was not fit to stand as king before the King of the Earth and joyfully disrobed before the presence of the Ark.

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