Thursday, February 16, 2012

Psalm 107:1-32

Study 85 –Psalm 107:1-32

1.      Some wandered in the desert; some sat in darkness and deep gloom because they had rebelled against the Lord; some suffered affliction because of their rebellious ways; others were merchants of the sea and encountered terrible storms. All cried out to the Lord. Some cried out in repentance while others cried out for aid. The Lord heard them all and came to their rescue.

2.      Those that were rescued by their cry out to the Lord are called to make the Lord’s saving power known to all those that surround them.

3.      Over and over again in the ministry of Jesus we see people calling out to Him, touching the hem of His garment, or dropping their friends through the roof. Jesus was always willing to reach out to those that reached out to Him even to the moment that He reached out to the thief on the cross.

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