Friday, February 24, 2012

Psalm 113 - 115

Study 91 – Psalm 113 and 114

1.      In psalm 113 the Lord is said to have no equal in His position, power and authority, and His desire to lift up those that are on the margins of society.

2.      In His deliverance of the His chosen people from Egypt the Lord would allow nothing to stand in His way. The Sea, the mountains of the wilderness, and the Jordan River could not keep God from fulfilling the promise that He had made to those that He had entered into a covenant relationship with. God keeps His promises to His people!

Study 92 – Psalm 115

1.      This psalm mocks the idol worshiping nations around them by making fun of their idols. Their idols are described as voiceless, sightless, mindless, and armless pieces of wood and stone that are powerless to do anything on their behalf. Our God, however has power to move on behalf of all those that fear Him. There are none that our God cannot elevate by His power.

2.      This psalm demands us to praise such a powerful God that is willing to come to the aid of such powerless beings as ourselves.

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