Monday, March 5, 2012

Psalm 119:81-176

Study 98 – Psalm 119:81-104

1.      In the opening verses of this section the psalmist is nearly overwhelmed by his situation. He places all of his hope in the power of God’s Word. It is only through this hope in the Law of God that the psalmist can muster the courage to continue the fight.

2.      In verses 89 – 96 the psalmist points to the enduring aspects of creation itself and reminds his hearers that it is that same enduring Word that created heaven and earth that provides deliverance for the people of God. The Word of God has the staying power of creation!

3.      In verses 97 – 104 the psalmist credits his commitment to God’s Word as the source for his elevation over his enemies, the elders, and even his own teachers. It is only through a diligent study of God’s Word that one can gain true understanding.

Study 99 – Psalm 119:105-128

1.      The lack of patience to see God fulfill His promises is one of the hardest things for both the psalmist and most Christians today. We want the Lord to act immediately on our behalf when oftentimes it is in the delay that He accomplishes His greatest work. We must stay in His Word and not fall to the temptation of growing weary in well-doing.

2.      The Lord is the strength, refuge, and protection of the psalmist. When there is nowhere else to turn he is assured that the Word of the Lord is the place that he can run to for protection.

3.      The Word of the Lord is the only hope that the psalmist has left. Yet, no matter how weary he becomes in looking for God’s promises to be fulfilled, he is willing to stand firm upon God’s Word. He knows that God will act because His Law is being broken and the Lord is a God of justice.

Study 100 – Psalm 119:129-152

1.      God’s Word: offers light; gives understanding to the simple; is trustworthy; and offers deliverance from enemies and the trials of life. The Word of the Lord can withstand any test that comes its way.

2.      In every aspect of life the psalmist turned to God’s Word. He began and finished his day in the Word of God and relied on His Word for wisdom, guidance, and deliverance. There was no situation in which the psalmist did not find the Word of God to be a reliable source of hope and inspiration. In his prayers the psalmist is an open book before the Lord. He does not hide his fear, pain, or frustration. His honesty before the throne of God is something that we can all learn from.

Study 101 – Psalm 119:154-176

1.      We have never “arrived” when it comes to our knowledge of God’s Word. There is always a deeper shaft to mine!

2.      The enemy is always seeking to devour those that are determined to seek truth from God’s Word. There will always be hardships, but through the power of God’s Word we can be victorious. It is a constant contact with his word that gives us hope in spite of every difficulty that may come our way.

3.  The psalmist trembles at the power of God’s Word; rejoices in its promises; and hates those that do not abide by it. One’s devotion to God’s Word: brings peace in the midst of the storm, removes stumbling blocks from the path, and leads to an eternal treasure

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