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Song of Solomon


Song of Solomon

Study 1 – Song of Solomon 1:1 – 2:7

  1. The young woman in this section is a commoner that sees the approaching king and becomes enthralled with him. She desires to be loved by him. He does not look upon her as a commoner, but as a thing of beauty.

  2. Men and women look at one another differently. The man is very visual whereas the woman is more interested in the physical touch involved in relationship. The woman takes comfort in the man’s strength. She desires to rest in his presence.

Study 2 – Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5

  1. The pictures of nature serve to illustrate the life giving power of love.

  2. When you are in love with someone you think of nothing else than being in their presence. Being without them is something that you can hardly bare.

Study 3 – Song of Solomon 3:6 – 5:1

  1. Even though Solomon is a powerful King and comes waltzing in with all of his glory and power on display this young girl is not tempted to chase after the King. Instead she prefers to flee from the harem and to join her lover outside the palace gates! She has found true love that money, wealth, and power cannot buy.

  2. Men should take the time to tell their wives how much they appreciate their beauty. Words of affirmation are very important in a relationship between a man and a woman. They need to be extremely comfortable with one another and with one another’s bodies and need to have open conversation with one another in regard to their sexuality.

  3. I don’t think that we realize the delight that the Lord takes in those that make up His Church. These verses are a reminder of just how precious the Church is to the Lord. He loved the Church enough to die for her!

Study 4 – Song of Solomon 5:2 – 6:3

  1. The dream of the lover being at the door and almost entering into her chamber only to be swept away in the night and for her to be dragged away to be beaten illustrates just how consumed that she was with thoughts of her lover.

  2. The young lady so richly describes her lover to the other young ladies that they too understand why she is so in love with him. May our description of Christ be likewise inspiring to others. May they want to search after Him based on our love for Him.

Study 5 – Song of Solomon 6:4 – 8:4

  1. Christ has a claim upon us that demands that we live to serve and to please Him. Often times we get this turned around and feel that He is our servant.

Sexual intimacy must wait until marriage!

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