Monday, March 12, 2012

Psalm 133 - 136

Study 108 – Psalm 133 and 134

1.      The psalmist compares unity to the oil poured out upon Aaron during his anointing as High Priest and the dew that settles upon Mt. Hermon. Theses similes point out the refreshing aspects of unity as well as the guarantee of God’s blessing.

2.      Worship of the Lord is to be a 24/7 prospect! We must make sure that we do our part to gather together with the Saints of God to see to it that the sun never sets on worship of the Almighty.

Study 109 – Psalm 135

1.      In this psalm the following are called upon to praise the Lord: servants of the Lord; Israel; the descendants of Aaron; the Levites; and those who fear the Lord. They are called upon to praise the Almighty for His acts on their behalf as both Creator and Redeemer.

2.   Both the existence of life and the continuation of life through deliverance from enemies are reasons that the psalmists calls upon to call the people of God to worship. Both the acts of creation and redemption are impossible for idols, which are created by the hands of man, to perform.

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