Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Chronicles 1 - 10

Study 1– 2 Chronicles 1 and 2

  1. Solomon began his reign by offering a sacrifice to the Lord on the bronze altar before the tabernacle at Gibeon. He asked for wisdom and knowledge in order to govern the people properly.

  2. Solomon clearly sought the things of God and the Kingdom of Heaven before himself. For that reason the Lord blessed him beyond his wildest dreams.

  3. Solomon took the work of the Lord extremely seriously. He, like his father before him, spared no expense or effort when it came to building the Kingdom of God.

Study 2 – 2 Chronicles 3:1 – 5:1

  1. As magnificent as the Temple was it could only be called a mere shadow in comparison to the reality of Heaven. There is nothing that man can ever build or create that will give the Lord the honor that He truly deserves.

  2. We no longer need to go to where the Spirit dwells because the Spirit has taken up residence within the believer! Wow! Mindboggling!

Study 3 – 2 Chronicles 5:2 – 6:11

  1. Solomon takes the presence of the cloud of God in the Temple as an assurance that the promises made to his father were sure to be fulfilled.

  2. Christ should be central in our lives. There should be nothing that we value higher than Him! The presence of the Holy Spirit within the believer is the parallel with the cloud filling the Temple of God.

Study 4 – 2 Chronicles 6:12-42

  1. Solomon bases his prayer on the faithfulness of God to His promises and His love for His people.  Solomon prays that the Lord: would keep a member of David’s family upon the throne; that His eyes would be open toward the Temple day and night; that the innocent would be declared not guilty; that confessed sin would be forgiven; that the people would be taught the right way to live; that foreigners would be among those that the Lord hears; and that the people of God would have victory over their enemies. A third of these petitions have to do with the forgiveness of sin.

  2. Essential to effective prayer is a repentant heart.

Study 5 – 2 Chronicles 7 and 8

  1. The presence of God showing up by consuming the sacrifice and filling the Temple with the cloud of His presence filled the people with joy knowing that the Lord would hear their prayers. God’s mercy should overwhelm us to the point where we want to continually give Him thanks. When we truly understand His mercy and His grace then His praise will continually be upon our lips.

  2. The promises of God to Solomon and his father David were conditioned upon Solomon and his descendents obeying the Word of the Lord. How often do we want to claim His promises but forget that they are conditional? Far too often I’m afraid. When I do not realize His promises in my life it must be because I have not fulfilled the conditions!

Study 6 – 2 Chronicles 9 and 10

  1. The Queen of Sheba was amazed of both the achievements, wealth, and wisdom of King Solomon. I likewise have been amazed at the power, wealth, and wisdom that is never ending that comes from the Lord. There truly is no end to His understanding or power to reach out His hand and deliver.

  2. Rehoboam  refused to listen to the elder statesmen and instead listened to his younger and inexperienced cohorts. Rehoboam lacked the wisdom of his father and did not gather wise counselors around him, but instead gathered those that would tell him what he wanted to hear.

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