Monday, April 28, 2014

On Being A Grandpa

I have been a grandpa for a total of 10 days now so I thought this would be an appropriate time to share my wealth of knowledge on the subject. Here are 10 important observations from a loving grandpa -- one for each day of Phoebe Fasoldt's young life:

  1. Grandchildren should be born much closer to grandma and grandpa's house than eight hundred miles. Eight miles would be a much more appropriate distance.
  2. It is well worth the 31-hour round trip to spend 48 hours with your new granddaughter even if her eyes are closed for 47.5 hours.
  3. There is nothing quite like falling asleep with a newborn sleeping on your chest.
  4. Waking up to a crying granddaughter at 2:30 in the morning realizing that your daughter is now going to have to nurse her, change her, and hold her for the next hour or so makes you wonder where in the world she is going to get all of the energy.
  5. Selling all of your worldly possessions in order to afford to spend more time with your granddaughter would be a very good trade-off.
  6. You can never take enough pictures of your sleeping granddaughter.
  7. Your children know far more about raising children than you do because they have Googled questions that you never even thought to ask when they were born.
  8. When you have a 15 hour one-way trip to see you granddaughter then you have a right to keep her up playing patty-cake as long as you want.
  9. Having three daughters and a granddaughter means that you need to buy a truck with a tool box attached to the bed and that you must reserve at least 8 hours of every trip for a project of some kind.
  10. Having your granddaughter clutch both of your pinky fingers in her hands is -- TOTALLY AWESOME!