Monday, October 6, 2014

A Response To The Names Of God

At The Pastors' Prayer Summit that I attended last week we were given an assignment to review the names of God in the Old Testament and to reflect on their significance. Below are the names of God and the my response to them:

Yahweh Tsidkenu -- I Am Your Righteousness
Yahweh M'Kaddesh -- I Am Your Sanctification
Yahweh Shalom -- I Am Your Peace
Yahweh Shammah -- I Am There
Yahweh Rophe -- I Am Your Healer
Yahweh Jireh -- I Am Your Provision
Yahweh Nissi -- I Am Your Banner
Yahweh Rohi -- I Am Your Shepherd

Lord, if you are all of these things for me, then there is only one thing left for me to say,
"I am a welfare recipient!"
It makes no sense to work for any of these things -- God has provided for all of them.
However, if I don't work, I will dry up.
I will have no fruit in my life.
I will be miserable.
I will be so much less than what His generous welfare has provided for me to become.
If I lay around and do nothing, I will become sick and of no use to your kingdom.
I will become a drain rather than a fountain.

God, thank you for offering me all of the assistance of your Kingdom.
You have offered it willingly.
You have offered it with the hope that I will accept it.
You have offered it, not to keep me in emotional, psychological, and  physical poverty, but to lift me out of it so that I can tell others how to sign up.

Keep me from feeling shame for accepting these benefits!
They are meant for my welfare so that I can be used to help the welfare of the Kingdom.
Thank you.
You never kick your kids off of your assistance!
You never even cut it back!
The payments just keep getting bigger!
I've served you in ministry for 30 years now.
You have always provided.
I don't need you to provide less now -- I need you to provide more than ever!
Not because I have squandered your benefits, but because I have used them up!
I have advanced in your kingdom and find myself facing greater enemies, and greater needs!
There is no hope of getting off of your welfare program.
Help me to realize that is a good thing, and not a sign of failure!
I'm not supposed to be self-sufficient!
I'm not supposed to pull myself up by my own bootstraps!

I'm supposed to be your dependent!
I'm supposed to expect you to reach down into the waves and pull me up!

I'm drowning dad!
I need your help!
These waves are too big for me!
I'm in way over my head!

I'll try not to fight you.
I'll try to relax.
I'll try to breath.

Please hurry.

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