Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Betting On The Saints This Sunday!

I’m betting on the SAINTS!

Call me crazy but I think that the Saints are the best team!  They obviously have the best coach.  They have the best play book, the best strategy, and the best fans. They are clearly the most equipped team in every way. Sure, they are not perfect, but they don’t need to be. The difference between the Saints and their opponent is like the difference between light and darkness. There is no comparison. The price the owner paid for the team has never been nor will ever be equaled. The stadium that is under construction rivals any known to man. Sure they have had their setbacks. Yes, they have had some dumb penalties, but I’m still certain that they will pull it off!

 Up until this point in history the rest of the world has viewed them as losers. But, Sunday is coming! You’ll see! The horsemen will come, they will do their damage, but the Saints will triumph! People have doubted the Saints for years! They have made fun of them, despised them, written them off, and felt sorry for them. No more! The Saints will go marching in! The other side can try and rewrite the rules of the game, but the Saints will win! They can steal the pages of their playbook, but they will not be equipped to understand them. When the opposition thinks that they have scored the Saints will throw the red flag and have the decision reversed every time.

There is no beating this team! They are not perfect yet, but they are getting there. With each passing day they learn more and more from their coach and from their mistakes. The last few years they have seen tremendous suffering in their community. They have banned together like never before. There is a sense of destiny in the air! How can you not cheer for this team! How can you possibly count them out! I can hardly wait for the opening whistle! I forgot – it will be a trumpet!