Monday, June 4, 2012

When God Sounds The Alarm

What a beautiful morning! When I woke up early this morning and stepped out onto my back porch with a cup of coffee in my hand and the beauty of God’s creation stretched out before me I had to concur with the psalmist: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” – Psalm 118:24

I always loved the song From My Front Porch Looking In that talks about the view that a father has while peeking through the window of his front porch toward his unknowing family inside. I too like the view from my front porch looking in, but I am also pretty excited about the one from my back porch looking out! When I stood on my back porch this morning I was thrilled by the scene before me. I was looking out over a field of prairie grass and wildflowers just as the sun was coming up and a thin blanket of morning mist was hovering ever so slightly above the tallest grass. There was a beautiful stillness and silence in the air much like there is when a conductor stands before a professional orchestra and raises his baton. There was a sense of expectation – ‘This is going to be beautiful!’

The Almighty gently waved His baton and the first note that I heard was a low hum that seemed to come out of nowhere and hover just a few feet from my left ear. The humming bird stayed there for just a few measures and the conductor waved it away. He then forcefully stabbed His baton high into the air and a rooster began to crow from somewhere at the very back of the stage. The rooster‘s note signaled the trumpeters to raise their horns in preparation for the next movement.  The geese must have begun their flyby the precise moment that the conductor had first raised His baton. They reached my property  right on cue! They made a sharp bank to the right and blew their chorus of trumpets in perfect harmony. Their trumpets ushered in the woodpecker to sound the drum roll. The excitement was building! The sun climbed just over the horizon; the blanket of mist was pulled away from the field; and the young fawn stretched its legs to begin yet another day.

Although I couldn’t hear it, I am certain that the trees of the field were clapping their hands! I just stood there and said, “Wow, why can’t I have an alarm clock that does that!”