Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Am I Here?

“Why am I here?”  Isn’t that the question that everybody really wants answered. Part of the answer is very simple and part of it is very complicated. The first part of the answer is true for everyone on the planet. You are here to worship God! Whether you fulfill that purpose or not is up to you. The second part of the answer is a bit more complicated because it is different for every single one of us. The way we each worship God is by obeying His plans or ‘calling’ for our lives. That plan is like a fingerprint; everybody has a different one. I don’t know what yours is, but I encourage you to ask God to reveal it to you. Don’t expect Him to reveal it all at once. God likes to take His time when it comes to creating His masterpieces.

As for me, God is happiest with my worship when I am fulfilling His plan for me. His plan for me was to be the Pastor of The StoreHouse. When I do that and keep myself from being sidetracked God is blessed with my worship. I’ve been asking God lately just exactly what He means when He asks me to be the Pastor. Everybody seems to know what it is that a pastor does, but I’m not really interested in what everybody else thinks. I’m only interested in what He thinks. The last few days The Father has been telling me that I am here to take a stand. I am here to stand between. At times I stand between the traps and pitfalls of Satan and lost souls or blind Christians. Other times I must stand between the wrath of God and the people that He has called me to lead.

“Why am I here?” I am here to take a stand. To be honest, sometimes I want to sit. Other times I want to just go to sleep. Then there are those times when I want to run, and times when I want to disappear. Those are not options. When I do those things I am not worshiping Him. I must take a stand. Pray for me. Pray that when I have done everything to stand – I will keep on standing. That’s why I am here. What about you?

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