Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Sister

Four years ago at this very moment I was sitting at this very desk when I received the most painful phone call of my life. I listened as the voice on the other end told me that my sister had been killed in a car crash. At that moment everything changed.

I remember walking out of my office to find my dad that was busy working elsewhere in the building. How do you tell a father that his daughter is dead? I’m sure I did a very poor job of it. Two other sisters, her mother, and Becky’s four children would have to be told by somebody that day that they had lost something precious. I’m glad that I was spared that responsibility. One responsibility, however, I was not spared – I had to tell her husband. I’ll never forget that day. I drove to Plainfield where he worked to break the news. I remember the surprise on his face when he saw me pull up when he exited the building. I remember it changing from joy to see me to worry when he saw the police car in the lot as well. There is no good way to break such sorrowful news. He collapsed in my arms and we wept on the sidewalk together. I drove him home that day to comfort his four children. What a horrible drive.

Life will never be the same without Becky. Everything has changed. I miss her today. I’m sure that I don’t miss her as much as her kids, her husband, her mom, or her dad, but I miss her none the less. Pray for my family today.

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