Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Search The Scriptures -- Revelation 1:1 - 3:13

Study 1 – Revelation 1:1-8

  1. This Revelation was given to Jesus, but originated with the Father. It came to John by way of an angel and John was now relaying that message to the seven churches in the province of Asia. Those that read the words of the prophecy of Revelation and take those words to heart are promised a blessing. No other book in scripture has such an overt promise attached to it.

  2. In this short passage Jesus is referred to as: faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, the ruler of the kings of earth, the one who was pierced, the Alpha and Omega, the eternal and everlasting one, and the Almighty! This awesome Christ is said to “love us and to have freed us in order to make us priests in His eternal kingdom.

Study 2 – Revelation 1:9-20

  1. Being a part of the kingdom of God means that we can expect suffering and a struggle that will require endurance on our part. Knowing such effort will be required the Christian must serve the Lord with patience.

  2. In the vision Christ is:
    Robed – Royal
    White Haired – Wisdom
    Eyes blazing as fire – All seeing
    Feet like bronze – Unmovable
    Voice like mighty waters – All Powerful
    A sword protruding from His mouth – Able to judge according to His mighty Word.
    Face shining with brilliance – Divine

  3. Concerning Himself, Christ claims to be:
    The First and The Last
    The Living One that was once dead
    The One that holds the keys to death and the grave

Study 3 – Revelation 2:1-7

  1. Ephesus was praised for:
    Their hard work
    Their perseverance
    Their intolerance of the wicked
    Their willingness to endure hardship

  2. Proof that their love had declined was the fact that those things that they had first done in their pursuit of the Lord had been forgotten. The remedy was to repent and to return to those things that they had done at first.

  3. The Church hears the voice of the Lord through the study of scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will not say anything that the scripture has not already revealed and will illuminate those thing in God’s Word that have remained hidden.

Study 4 – Revelation 2:8-17

  1. The Church in Smyrna had already undergone tremendous difficulty and was headed for even greater persecution. While they were very impoverished by the standards of this world they had laid up for themselves rich treasures in heaven through their faithful service. They would overcome the trials of the world by remaining faithful in spite of what the world would do to them.

  2. Christ will not stand for compromise within His church. The Church in America needs to heed the words spoken to Pergamum as we have thrown open wide the door to immorality within our midst.

Study 5 – Revelation 2:18-29

  1. The two items mentioned again concerning the vision of Christ are His eyes of blazing fire and His feet of bronze symbolizing that He sees all and that He is unmovable in His decrees and His judgments. Knowing that we hide nothing from Him and that His judgments are unchangeable we must guard ourselves against sin. Though those in the church itself may compromise we must remain true to His commands.

  2. Failure to exercise church discipline and failure to judge the prophetess according to God’s Word led to horrific compromise. Those that had not yet compromised were told to hold firm to their position no matter what.

Study 6 – Revelation 3:1-13

  1. The Christians at Sardis appeared alive outwardly, but in reality were dead and needed to “wake up” and  “strengthen” that which remained alive within them. They had not followed through on their commitments to the Lord. Once again, repentance was the key to gaining the victory.

  2. Perseverance is probably the most important characteristic needed within the Church. We are promised certain victory through the death and resurrection of our Lord. We merely need to hold on until the end. Holding on until the very end will guarantee us a permanent place in His kingdom.

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