Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Search The Scriptures -- Jude

Study 1 – Jude 1-16

  1. Believers are: called, loved, and kept by Jesus Christ. The ungodly described in Jude on the other hand have given license to immorality and had denied the sovereignty of Jesus Christ.

  2. Like Peter, Jude makes clear from Old Testament example that the judgment of God is something that cannot be avoided. The judgment of God is certain to come upon the world in the future with the same power that it had come upon the world in the past. There is no escaping the consequences of disobedience to the heavenly Father.

  3. If Jude and Peter were still referring to the stories of Noah, Cain, and Enoch to prove their case then we should still be referring to the stories of scripture to prove our case for salvation. While the times change there really is nothing new under the sun. The same acts of disobedience of the days of Noah are prevalent among our society today. One should take no shame is standing upon God’s Word.

    Yes, we can use modern day illustrations and tell modern day parables, but we cannot compromise on the message the timeless message of scripture.

Study 2 – Jude 17-25

  1. We need to avoid ‘natural’ solutions at all cost and rely solely on the leading of the Holy Spirit as we confront the dangers inherent in our culture. In doing so we will be sheltered by the mercy of God.

  2. We need to show mercy to everyone and do all that we can to communicate the message of God’s impending judgment upon this world. We should do so in an attempt to ‘snatch some from the fire’. Those that refuse to listen we should continue to show mercy to because we never know when God might touch their heart. Yet, we must be very careful to not allow the things of this world to rub off on us. While we must proclaim the message with mercy and grace we must be very careful to not think for one moment that we can rub off our goodness upon others. The opposite will happen. Jude makes it clear that people wearing clean clothes do not make those wearing stained clothing clean by rubbing up against them. The opposite is true. The clean run the risk of becoming stained!

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