Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I Learned From Three Weeks in Job

I thoroughly enjoyed my 21 days in Job. Never have I gotten more out the book of Job than studying it as I have each day for three weeks. I love listening to Job wrestle with God. The book of Job gives me permission to question things and to shout and shake my first at God when things don’t go the way that I think that they should while at the same time letting me know that while God may allow me to do those things – He shouts back! And, He is always going to win the argument! But the fact that God will allow me to wrestle and allow me to vent makes me feel even better about serving Him. I love the story of Job and the story of Jacob, both men wrestled with God; Job with words and Jacob in a physical wrestling match. Both refused to give up. Both were touched. Both were never the same again. Both were blessed. It seems to me that the trials of life are God’s challenge for us to climb through the ropes and enter the arena to give Him our best shot. He wants to see if we will cling to Him and never let go as Jacob did; or, cry out to Him, “Though you slay me, I will still serve you,” as did Job.

God seems to want us to take our best shot knowing full well that He can pin us to the mat at any given moment. The great thing about wrestling with God, though you know that you will certainly lose, is that you can rest assured that when you ‘tap out’ that He will extend you mercy, pick you up off of the mat, and hoist your hand in the air declaring victory for your life.

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