Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Christ's Letter to The StoreHouse

I, the Lord, the Sustainer, the Strong Tower, the Ever-Present Help in Times of Trouble, the Master of the Harvest, and Your Soon Coming King, commend you for your tenaciousness. You have remained unwavering and committed to my mission in both good times and bad. You are firmly tied into the yoke with Me. You have endured much during my purging process and have remained a faithful, tried, and true remnant.

I am the Lord that Sees and that Hears. I see that you have grown deeper than at any time in your brief existence, yet I have this against you. I do not hear evidence of what I am seeing. I doubt not your commitment -- I have seen it! Yet, I do not hear your voices lifted in prayer; or melodies lifted in song. I know that you have the incense of my Word in abundance; and that I have given you gifted psalmists and musicians, yet you will not allow my Spirit to ignite it, thus the fragrance of your prayers and worship are not ascending into my throne room. I see your desire to reach out, and am delighted in the depth of your devotion to study, but you cannot grow farther in your influence without growing higher in your prayer and in your praise. I long to HEAR you. What is it that you fear? Be not afraid! Your shepherd and my Word will not lead you astray.

I love you. That is why I have given you so many gifts. The gifts of my Holy Spirit are in abundance among you. Gifts of helps, service, love, joy, languages, prophecy, teaching, giving, discernment, craftsmanship, faith, wisdom, knowledge and healing are all alive and well within you. You are more gifted now than you have ever been! Why do you not recognize these gifts as being gifts from me? Why do you limit recognizing my gifts as only being present during your gathering on Sunday morning? My gifts are present in you every day! Celebrate my gifts among you! Stop putting my gifts in the box of your tradition and your past!

I have blessed many of you with beautiful homes, yet you share them with no one, but those that are closest to you. Why are you so selfish with this gift that I have bestowed upon you? Why do so few of your brothers in Christ, your neighbors, and coworkers sit around your beautiful dining room tables to share in the blessing that I have given you? Why have none of the children and their families that you work so diligently to feed on Wednesday nights not been fed a meal around your own table in the homes that I have blessed you with. Why do you limit my gifts and my workings to your church building? Do you want my gifts to be removed from you?

We watch your love for 'the least among you' from my throne and are pleased with your untiring efforts.  Keep going into the streets for them. Keep feeding them. Keep teaching them. Keep loving them. Keep giving to missionaries around the world. Keep giving to the Homeless. Keep giving to save the unborn. Keep giving toward ministering to those in the hospital. Keep opening up your church to Kairos so that they can minister in the prison. Your love for those outside of your walls is visible from my throne. I see it, but, I do not hear it! Don't merely display gumballs in your pulpit. Weep over them! Satan has them in his grip, but I long to free them. Weep over your city, weep over your area! Weep! Weep over your University! Weep over your prison! Sorrow endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning! I long to hear you weep.

The One who Sees and The One who Hears calls on you to open up your mouth and to open up your homes as you have opened up your hearts and opened up your purse to His service. I call you to repent and to be heard from my throne.

I hold this one thing against you -- You live with your eyes fixed upon the past instead of focusing upon the future that I have prepared for you! I did not sacrifice myself for you so that you could have fond memories, or feed the bitterness of a past wrong. I sacrificed myself for you so that you can have a glorious future; so that each day can be a new day! A day of wonder! A day of hope! Your past joys are but a shadow of the future glory that I desire for you! Yet, you are as the wife of Lot! Continue to look back and you will suffer the same fate.

Behold, I am coming soon! Repent! Turn and face the future -- that is the direction that I will be coming from! Face it with hope! Face it with joy! Face it with love for one another! I have given you the gifts, and your shepherd is giving you my Word, open up your mouths and give a shout of victory as you march boldly into the future with your King by your side!

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  1. Troy, despite not being inspired Word of God, this is a letter that will make one think about his or her service. Great take on what He may say to us today.